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North Lambeth Day Centre will not reopen

May 19th 2009
The North Lambeth Day Centre (NLDC), at St John's, which has been recently closed for refurbishment, will not re-open in December, or, sadly, ever again. Previously, St Mungo's, which managed the centre, said that it needed to be revamped to offer better facilities and easier access. Rumours abounded that it would not reopen, or that it would open up with a radically changed function and ethos. But Lambeth Council has now confirmed that the center will be permanently closed. The reasons for the closure have not been revealed. Richard Cunningham, street population coordinator at Lambeth, said: "as it stands at the moment, it is true that the centre will be closing, though the exact details around that are still to be confirmed." About 50 people used the centre's services every day, but Cunningham pointed out that there is another centre, the Waterloo Christian Mission, which, although not directly funded by Lambeth, will continue to provide services to those who had used NLDC. "We have in Lambeth a comprehensive portfolio of services for rough sleepers, and a commitment to continue to develop strategy and services to help get people off the streets and into housing and, where necessary, treatment," he said. Despite claims that Lambeth has a wide range of facilities for rough sleepers, the loss of a drop-in day centre in this area will be felt by many. St Mungo's was not available for comment, but still have NLDC listed on the website as an active project.

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