September/October 2017


London edition

· Prison system in worst state in 60 years
· From prison to the streets, and how to thrive
· Prison art on show
· Population explosion
· Alternative highs
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Scottish edition

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The shades come off

"When you get a bit older, the shades come off and you... more...

Benefits Street strikes again

The TV production company which made the controversial documentary Benefits Street is... more...

Latest News

From prison to the streets

Why do so many people end up homeless after leaving prison?
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Inside out: Prison art on show

The British sculptor who created the iconic Angel of the North has curated a major exhibition of the work of prison artists... more...

Prison system in worst state in 60 years

Murder and suicide in prisons are at a 25-year high, and assaults 27 per cent up
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News in brief: deportations, smoking, footie and more

We round up some of the information that's come our way over the last few weeks
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Homelessness shames Glasgow

We meet campaigner Sean Baillie, who set up the Homelessness Shames Glasgow campaign

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London edition (PDF 621KB)


Scottish edition (PDF 495KB)