October 2009


London edition

· A homeless charity that works
· Dispersal zone widened
· Duchess of Cornwall at 999 Club
· Tory councils announce slashed budgets
· The recession and the UK's homeless population
· computer game 'humiliating'
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Scottish edition


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The shades come off

"When you get a bit older, the shades come off and you... more...

Benefits Street strikes again

The TV production company which made the controversial documentary Benefits Street is... more...

Latest News

Pavement projects

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Controlling the rent

A private let is now the most common last address given by people who end up homeless
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St Mungo calls for hostel action

The homelessness charity has called on the government to sustain funding across the UK.
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One-way ticket

Leading charities have condemned local authorities for giving homeless people one-way tickets to other parts of the UK
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News in brief, Nov-Dec 2017

Chaotic Universal Credit, poverty in China, Europe's sad statistics, Norfolk homelessness doubles, Chinatown vs poverty-porn, micro-homes
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November/December 2017


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