Remembering those who have died in the past year

Staff, November 21st 2017

We'll upload a photo as soon as we can. Deepest sympathy to those whose friends have passed away in the last year. May they rest in peace.

Denis Abbott; Richard Agar; Mark Bernard Alder; Mark Aldridge; Mohamed Alhamed; Paul Allan; Anthony Allerton; James Andrews; Olufunke Arifalo; Paul Richard Armitage; Larry Balfour Asare; Mark Avery

Larry (Lawrence) Baffour Asare; Marie Baldwin; Dalbagh Bassi; Victoria Beagrie; Monica Bell; Alison Birch; Michael Blackett; Mark Bolger/Atkinson; Patrick Bones; Andrew Brown; Jermaine Brown; Martin Buist

David Camacho; Anthony Cansdale; Jimmy Carlson, OBE; Jessica Carr; Corrina Carter; Reice Carter; John Chase; Chris Connor

Paul Davey; Herbert Ronald Davis; Nicholas Dewey; David Dougan; Barry Dove; Krzysztof Janusz Dudek

Jason Eagan ; Colin Eaves; Stephen Edgar; Jason Egan; John English

Jose Franco; Anna Furlonger; Wayne Thomas Gaskin; Anthony George; Suva Ghale; Barbara Golaszewska; Antonio Goncalves; Jeremy Goodson; Adrian/Lee Gore; Christopher Angus Greathead; Trevor Green

Angelika Hachmuth; Thomas Hamill; Michael Hayes; Jerry Healey; Paul Hope; Edmond (Ed) Horgan; Dean Hoy; Gary Hughes; Lee Jay Hatley

Nicholas Jeffrey; Terence Johnson; Jennifer Jordan; Michael Juilliard

Ahmed Khan; Chris King; Adam Kowalski; Mateusz Kozak; Crzysztof Kyiecien

Paul Labrum; Kaspar Latuszat; Joseph Ledwith; Margaret Lewis; Gavin Lockyer; Kelly Logan; Alex Lyon

John Maher; Kyle Maher; Trevor Malone; Michael Manktelow; James/Kenneth Mason; John Mather; Shaun McClenaghan; Chris McCormack; Mark McGuiness; David Mellor; Peter Richard Meredith; Karl Mills; Brian George Moore; Lubos Moravcik; Richard Mower; Paddy Murphy

Mark Newman; Maurice Nichol; John Norman; Hazel Nwador

Sarah O'Callaghan; John O'Connell; Anthony O'Donnell; Ireene Ojo-Williams; David Okema

Gary Phillips; Michael Pittiglio; John Pougher

John Joseph Quaid

Jasbir Rana; Michael Reeve; Ian Richards; Mark Roach; Rebekka Ronstrom; Piotr Rosolowski; James Ryan; Michal Rybski (volunteer)

Nick Sicka (volunteer); Dalbagh Singh Bassi; Renatas Sirius; John Sneddon; Dusan Sotak; Simon Steadman; Gary Steel; Mitchum Stevens

Asmeron Tacleab; Jonathan Tanizaki-Smart; Steve Taylor; Luke Tierney; Miroslaw Utkowski

Colin Walker; Michael Walsh; Craig Welling; Caroline Whitney; Robert Whittle; Teresa Wilde; Graeme Wilkie; Keith Williams; Nicholas Williamson

Vicky Yates


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