Stories of the streets

Photos of Nottingham by (l) Caroline Middleton and (r) David King. Images © Charles Kerr


Staff, January 8th 2018

Stories of the streets is an exhibition of photos taken by volunteers from Nottingham homeless centres, Emmanuel House and Canaan Trust. The show has been wowing shoppers at Nottingham's Broadmarsh Shopping Centre since mid November. The project was designed by University of Nottingham students, including Charles Kerr, Qas Hussain and Alex Greenhalgh, to give people an insight into the photographic talents of the homeless community.

Show proceeds will be split between the artists through a pay-it-forward scheme, such as secure accommodation or meals for the individual, and re-invested back into the social enterprise to support more people and exhibitions across the UK. There are plans to run similar photo shows in Brighton and Manchester.

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