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Coventry and Warwickshire YMCA (Daimler Green)

Endeavour Court, 20 Chelmarsh, Daimler Green, Coventry CV6 3LB
024 7659 7009,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am (call for appointment); Single homeless people and care leavers with low support needs. Residents are expected to be or actively seeking to be in education, training or employment. Support for moving on. CODES: AH, AD, CA, ET, IT, TS

Coventry Foyer

Holyhead Court, Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry CV1 3AX
024 76251001 ,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am; For young people 16-24 who require support around independent living. Applicants must be willing to engage in employment, education or training. Help with budgeting money, cooking and confidence building. English and Maths classes. CODES: AH, AD, CA, ET, IT, OL

P3 - Dickens Lodge

89-95 Dickens Road, Wolverhampton WV10 8SD
01902 572162,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am; Single homeless men, including rough sleepers, ex-offenders, people with mental health needs and those with alcohol or drug problems. Staff provide support around daily living skills, including finances, substance misuse issues, mental health and access to training. Help with moving on. CODES: MH, AH, AD, A, DW, ET, TS

P3 - Thornley Street

27 Thornley Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1JS
01902 773721,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am; Single homeless men. Potential residents must be substance-free at time of admission. Resettlement support. CODES: MH, AD, A, BA, C, DA, DW, ET, AH, LF, OL

St Anne's Hostel

112 Moseley Street, Birmingham B12 0RY
0121 772 4406,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am; For single homeless men aged 25+. May accept dogs. Community nursing team and alcohol counsellor visit weekly, and drugs counsellor visits monthly or as needed. CODES: A, BA, DW, ET, F, MS, OL

Stonham (Gilson Way Hostel)

c/o Morris House, 430-432 Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham B36 0LF
0121 770 9360, http://
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm (office hours); For young single homeless people aged 16-25. Phone or call in for application form. Support around independent living skills and access to employment, training and education. Access to and advice on move-on options, help with grants and applications, obtaining furniture and setting up utilities. CODES: AH, AD, BA, CA, ET, OW, TS

Stonham (St George's House)

Old Hall Street, Wolverhampton WV1 3AT
01902 420536, http://
Monday-Sunday: 8am-10pm; Single homeless men and ex-offenders. Help with independent living, maintaining tenancy, moving on etc. Arrange visits from drugs agencies. Referral to floating support service. CODES: AH, AD, ET, OL, TS

The Glebe Centre

Wednesbury Road, Walsall, Birmingham WS1 3RU
01922 625687,
Monday-Friday: 10am-2pm Alcohol Drinking Lounge 10am-3pm. ; The Glebe Centre is a multifunctional hub from where a variety of services are delivered that support vulnerable adults in Walsall. CODES: MH, AH, BA, BS, BE, CL, DT, ET, FF, F, IT, NE, SH

The Salvation Army (Harnall Lifehouse)

Harnall Lane West, Coventry CV1 4EZ
024 7601 1770, http://
Monday-Sunday: 7am-9pm; Accommodation for up to 80 people, plus access to vocational and practical courses. Contact them for more details. CODES: AD, A, CA, ET, IT, LF, MS

The Salvation Army (William Booth Centre Lifehouse)

Shadwell Street, Birmingham B4 6HA
0121 236 6554,
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am; Accomodation and support for single homeless men aged 21-60. Housing-related support, including independent living skills, training, education and employment with a focus on moving on to longer-term appropriate accommodation. GP surgery on site and various outreach services. CODES: AH, ET, MS, OW, TS

West Bromwich & District YMCA

38 Carters Green, West Bromwich B70 9LG
For single homeless people aged 16-40 with support needs. Accommodation is linked to life, social and resettlement skill development. The projects also link with initiatives to develop basic skills, job search and ICT use. CODES: CA, ET, IT

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