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Ashdown Medway Accommodation Trust (AMAT)

10 Chelmar Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4PB
0800 698 1000,
Monday-Sunday: 8:30am-12:30pm (office hours); Monday-Sunday: 9am-9am (on call); AMAT is a direct access hostel based in Medway, which provides supported accommodation to 400+ service users in a variety of accommodation, mostly shared houses with 3 to 4 units, though there are some flats. There is a no-visitors house for the more vulnerable service users and a dry house for those who are rehabilitating. There is also a female-only house. There is also an opportunity for some service users to become more permanently accommodated on an AST if they meet the criteria. CODES: AH, AD, A, BA, BS, BE, CL, DA, DW, ET, F, TS

Aylesbury Homeless Action Group

2 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury HP20 2RX
01296 435026,
Monday & Wednesday: 12pm-2pm (drop-in) ; AHAG's aims and objectives are to relieve hardship, need and distress. Support and advice for anyone 18+ who is homeless or inadequately housed. Drop in for showers, washing facilities, newspapers and refreshments. Please make appointment for one-to-one support, help with education, CVs, employment etc. Phone or email CODES: AH, AD, BA, BS, DA, DT, ET, FF, IT, L, MS, OL, SH, TS, EF, EO

Beacon House Ministries

90-91 East Hill, Colchester, Essex CO1 2QN
01206 761960,
Monday-Sunday: 10am-2pm (medical clinic, café, laundry, showers; barber on Tuesday); Practical help and medical care, occupational therapies, personal development and health awareness, working in co-operation with other services. Raises awareness of the needs experienced by vulnerable people to community groups. CODES: AH, AD, AC, B, BA, BS, BE, CA, CL, DA, FF, FC, IT, L, MS, TS, EF, EO, LF

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