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Wedge House closes
Homeless readers to access benefits in day centres after office lease expires
An anniversary and a departure at ASLAN
The All Souls Local Area Network celebrated 20 years of its tea run as director Chris Peacock stepped down.
Camden – ASBO central?
Will the London Borough of Camden give anti-social behaviour orders to rough sleepers to get rid of them?
Camden street count
London borough is unpleasantly surprised by greater numbers of rough sleepers
Jonathan Creek ate my ear
"My name‘s Alan. You know my name - Alan. What‘s my name? It‘s Alan"
Long live the Silver Lady
The famous Silver Lady Fund van, often known as "The Pie Man", is still alive and kicking and providing food, according to the charity‘s trustees
Obituary: Pat McCann
Patrick Donnelly (sometimes called Pat McCann) passed away on 13th December
St Mungo\'s loses City contract
St Mungo‘s has lost the outreach/CAT worker contract for the City to Broadway. However, readers in the City need not worry about the changes.
Three deaths in Conway House
Three recent deaths in Conway House have sparked concerns among residents and staff over the lack of resources for people with drug addictions.
Tory MP Grant Shapps sleeps out
The Tory housing spokesman woke to the sound of heavy rain on his sleeping bag on Christmas Eve