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thePavement is the free magazine for the UK's homeless people

We are committed to publishing objective reportage, tailored to a homeless readership, and to publicising the complete range of services available to homeless people, to reduce hardship amongst our readers and to enable them to guide their future.

We believe that drives to produce homogenous services for homeless people are misguided, and that a range of service types and sizes are the only way to cater successfully for our diverse readership.

We believe that sleeping rough is physically and mentally harmful; however, we do not preach to those who chosen to, nor do we believe that all options to get off the streets are necessarily beneficial to long-term health and happiness.



Your rights

The Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers outlines your rights around arrest, stop and search, answering police questions, move-ons, no-drinking zones, sleeping rough, taking a pee in public and highway obstruction. It was put together by The Pavement, Housing Justice, Liberty and Zacchaeus 2000.

If your benefits have been sanctioned (cut off or reduced) and you feel this is unfair, you can appeal. Print this letter and hand it in at the office where you sign on. If you feel you need more advice about sanctions, contact  Zacchaeus 2000 or your nearest  Citizen’s Advice Bureau. And let us know at The Pavement!



If you are a journalist with some free time to research and write stories for the magazine, please contact us . For other volunteering opportunities, please approach organisations listed on our Services pages or your local volunteer centre


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London-based social enterprise Connection Crew is a ‘crewing company’. Its main job is providing crew members to do everything from stage building to sound engineering for events and corporate bookings. Around 25 per cent of its crew have experience of homelessness – including Michael, who took part in the Connection Crew Academy’s pilot programme last year....


Getting back to paid work is a hard road but it can pay off.

Peter Whitnall had a flat and a job of 26 years. But when his employers sold up, he found himself unemployed. At the same time, trouble with other tenants in his flatshare meant he was evicted.

He went from staying with one friend in...


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This month the people of London will vote in a new Mayor...
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23 June 2015

Our Glasgow Word On The Street project went so well that we are now running it in London. Véronique Mistiaen, lecturer and human rights journalist, led the second session, 'How to tell your own story'. you can read more about the project on her blog, The Right Human. Check out the trainees' blog to follow their progress from newbie to news hound.

23 June 2015

Will you use your admin ninja skills to help a unique small charity working to support homeless people?

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23 June 2015

Do you want to use your fundraising skills to support a unique small charity working to support homeless people?

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23 June 2015

Will you donate your a journalism or photography skills to help the homeless people we work to support?

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04 November 2014

Our Glasgow-based Word on the Street team of reporters and photographers – along with London guest writers, who also have experience of the homelessness – has been working hard on a special edition that tells it how it is: benefit sanctions, a cartoon about hostel life and how football can change the world, for starters. The WOTS team is: Iain Alan, Brenda Brown, Brian Dobbie, Jason Kelly, Peter Kelly, Jim Little, Caroline McCue, Alex McKay, Patrick O’Hare and Roddy Woods. Thanks, team!

19 August 2011

Wow.  The Pavement’s Homeless City Guide, which appears in every issue of the magazine, has made it into New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 

Latest Stories


Mayoral hustings on homelessness

 02 May 2016

This month the people of London will vote in a new Mayor to replace Boris Johnson. And housing is the Number One concern of many voters. So a number of homelessness charities joined forces in April to host a special mayoral hustings, or debate, all about homelessness.

The Lead London Home campaign invited representatives from all five main parties taking part in the Mayor of London elections. Tom Copley represented Labour’s candidate, Sadiq Khan; David Dean represented Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Emily Davey, Liberal Democrats; Shahrar Ali, Green; and David Kurten, UKIP.

Questions were asked by people with experience of homelessness, and issues put forward included housing benefit cuts, homelessness legislation, and making private renting more secure.

Both Conservative and Labour representatives pledged to go one better on the ‘No Second Night Out’ scheme, and adopt a ‘Not First Night Out’ approach. We await more details with interest (and the usual hint of scepticism).

UKIP’s Mr Kurten said his party would want to set-up a homelessness register and work alongside CHAIN so people can access medical care. Health was also an issue for the Conservatives, with swift connections between hospitals and homeless services pledged by Mr Dean. While Labour’s Mr Copley noted bringing empty homes into use would only provide half is what is needed.

The response to the debate on Twitter was somewhat disenchanted, with Alison Gelder of Housing Justice commenting: “Disappointing answers to q about need for universal high quality advice at point of losing a home.” Crisis policy manager Sarah MacFadyen tweeted, “Overall disappointing ambition on homelessness from all candidates”. And one of the members of The Pavement’s own readers’ panel, Gordon Chaston, added “A lacklustre, weak, sticking plaster approach from candidates with strong comments from Emily Dave.”

The Lead London Home campaign is led by Crisis, St Mungo's, Centrepoint and Homeless Link, and supported by 20 other homeless charities: 999 Club, Albert Kennedy Trust, Bench Outreach, Big Issue Foundation, Cardboard Citizens, Cardinal Hume Centre, DePaul, Divine Rescue, Evolve, Housing Justice, Pathway, Robes Project, SHP, Streets of London, Thames Reach, The Connection at St Martin's, The Passage, Trinity Homeless Projects, West London Mission, and YMCA England.

To sign the Lead London Home petition, calling on the next Mayor of London to make homelessness a priority, visit


Homeless mascot stuffed

 14 March 2016

A goose that became a homeless mascot in Austin, Texas, has died.

‘Homer the Homeless Goose’, reported Fox7 News, came in to fame in 1988 when a group of local homeless people took the bird hostage in frustration, saying that the city cared more about preserving rare birds than tackling homelessness.

The Challenger Street?Newspaper plans to take Homer on homelessness-awareness raising tour – once they’ve raised enough funds for a glass display case.?


The streets of Dublin

 14 March 2016

A record number of families are now homeless in Ireland.

According to the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, 134 families (with 269 children) became homeless in the capital in January – the highest number ever recorded, reported the Irish Examiner.

Of the families, 125 had never been homeless before.

Last year, charity Focus Ireland said that 13 families, including young children and babies, were found sleeping rough. Its director of advocacy, Mike Allen, commented: “The continued massive rise in family homelessness is due to the prolonged crisis in the private rented sector.”


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