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Learning from Narcissus
Leon Eckford June 01 2024

In the age of mindfulness, wellbeing and mental health awareness, the power of reflection and the need for individual reflection needs to be understood and appreciated.
By Leon Eckford

My grandmother had a picture in her bedroom as I grew up, which was of a porcelain-faced young woman looking into a pool of wate...

Small things, big impact
Leon Eckford February 01 2024

On the importance of the small stuff, and how these little acts can produce big change and have a positive impact on numerous levels. By Leon Eckford

Large macro thinking can be good. However, it can also be overwhelming. When I think of space, time and the universe I feel comp...

Baby steps
Leon Eckford December 01 2023

Many readers will spend this time of year wondering about what’s next and whether they’re heading in the right direction. Take a moment, recognise how far you’ve come and take that next step. By Leon Eckford

As we come crashing towards the end of 2023, we reflect, review and re-focus on goals we set way back in January in this here, a...

Being kind
Leon Eckford October 01 2023

Although we may have reasons not to feel like being kind, sharing kindness is good for you and the people around you. A study in being kind, by Leon Eckford

It’s hard to be kind. For kindness to inform your daily personal operations takes discipline and expert emotional regulation.I m...

Community notes
Leon Eckford June 01 2023

How should we interpret community? Taking a look at the meaning of the word through a historical, contemporary and social lens. Words by Leon Eckford

Community, split this word in half, we are left with a cheeky ‘comm’ plus a splash of ‘unity’, together as one. Through an acade...

What is hope?
Leon Eckford April 01 2023

Why do we need hope, and what is it good for? Should we be hopeful in the world we live in? Tackling these questions – and considering the questions they lead to – is Leon Eckford

Hope, eh? This is such a wishy-washy term for a Scottish council estate kid to consume easily. It feels like I’m swallowing an u...

New year, new hopes
Leon Eckford February 01 2023

What’s in a New Year’s resolution? How do we deal with the first day on a new path? Leon Eckford attempts to make sense of it all

It's 2023, what’s on the agenda? Turning over a new leaf? Starting a new career? Family? Relationship? Lifestyle? It’s never too...

Down the rabbit hole
Leon Eckford June 01 2022

Things can get overwhelming on this big rock called Earth, particularly when experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. Our writer sees where systems need improving, and shares tips on how to step back and move forward in life. By Leon Eckford

Welcome to Wonderland, where my quest for knowledge leaves me endlessly searching for new ideas, innovation and existing rese...

Staying connected
Leon Eckford April 01 2022

The importance of being connected with one another can’t be overstated and is essential to all people. Some thoughts on the need for connection, by Leon Eckford

Whether it's primitive people grunting over a wild boar dinner around a campfire thousands of years ago, the Greek philosophe...