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Catherine Neilan was Pavement news editor from 2006 to late 2010. She has freelanced for news outlets including the Financial Times and the Guardian. After a spell as senior reporter at the Bookseller, she is now deputy editor of Broadcast.

Rough sleeper badly burned
Catherine Neilan April 15 2011

Victim identified by tattoos

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man following a fire outside a Newport hotel last month, in which a rough sleeper was sever...

Challenging UKBA
Catherine Neilan September 08 2010

The Home Office scheme to deport Eastern European rough sleepers may be illegal

A scheme being used by the Home Office to deport Eastern Europeans (A10) found sleeping rough could be illegal under EU law, law...

One-way ticket
Catherine Neilan June 06 2010

A deportation scheme is being trialled by UKBA for East European rough sleepers

Previously, UKBA was not able to force Europeans to leave the country. However the new scheme, which began on 31 March, gives ro...

London authorities to extend RS205 scheme
Catherine Neilan June 06 2010

London Delivery Board to extend its scheme to get "entrenched" rough sleepers into accommodation

The London Delivery Board (LDB) is planning to extend an existing scheme designed to get "entrenched" rough sleepers i...

It\'s a mad world
Catherine Neilan September 25 2009

A man who offered a homeless couple money to watch them have sex gets community service

A man who offered a homeless couple money to watch them have sex has avoided a jail sentence, and been given 150 hours of commun...

Mr Yamauchi\'s loss and the problem facing Japan\'s homeless
Catherine Neilan September 25 2009

A Japanese man has lost the right to use a tent as his legal address, a court in Osaka rules

A Japanese man has lost the right to use a tent as his legal address, after a court in Osaka ruled against him. The man had init...

Skid Row the movie
Catherine Neilan July 10 2009

Rough sleeping cellist Nathaniel Ayers gets the Hollywood treatment

The story of a rough sleeping virtuoso cellist called Nathaniel Ayers and the friendship that develops with journalist Steve Lop...

Meeting with Ming
Catherine Neilan May 29 2009

Liberal Democrats want to create more affordable housing, says its leader

The Liberal Democrats want to end dependence on benefits and create more affordable housing, according to leader Sir Menzies Cam...

Look Ahead quashes sale rumour
Catherine Neilan May 24 2009

Aldgate Hostel has not been sold to Tower Hamlets, and it‘s business as usual

Look Ahead has not sold its Aldgate Hostel premises to Tower Hamlets, both the charity and the council have confirmed. Follow...

The Terminal
Catherine Neilan May 23 2009

A Japanese flew into Mexico City‘s airport with a tourist visa and a return ticket... nearly three months ago

A Japanese man has been living in a terminal at Mexico City for nearly three months, surviving purely on handouts from passenger...