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It\'s a mad world

September 25 2009
A man who offered a homeless couple money to watch them have sex gets community service A man who offered a homeless couple money to watch them have sex has avoided a jail sentence, and been given 150 hours of community service instead. Robert Theriault, a former security officer for a district court in New Hampshire, US, approached the pair after noting their financial trouble when they came to settle a speeding fine. He told them he would pay $20 (£10) an hour to test sheets and condoms while he watched, telling them he worked for an insurance company. The couple claimed he told them the sheets were designed to increase sperm count, while the condoms were being tested for reliability. The couple, who were living in a motel and unemployed at the time, agreed to meet Mr Theriault the next day. The couple tried to have sex under the covers with Mr Theriault in the room, but Mr Theriault said he needed to return so they could try again without the covers, the couple said. When Mr Theriault returned, the couple had changed their mind and sent him away, they said. The jury convicted Mr Theirault of two counts of prostitution after 90 minutes of deliberation. He could have faced a maximum of a year in jail and a $2,000 (£1,000) fine on each of the convictions. A second trial is set for May.