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April - May 2022 : Connection

April - May 2022 : Connection READ ONLINE
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News in brief 137: Apr-May 2022

Our monthly round-up of what‘s been happening...


On the ward

A hazy, enigmatic story of intrigue on the kaleidoscope of characters one meets on the hospital ward, written by the masterful Chris Bird

Staying connected

The importance of being connected with one another can’t be overstated and is essential to all people. Some thoughts on the need for connection, by Leon Eckford


The fuel for connection

Tackling the disconnection many of us have felt since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Mat Amp emphasises the need to share and empathise with stories


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Your voice

Network connection

Refuge Network UK is the British arm of Refuge Network International, a small international charity. Its goal is to alleviate and eventually eradicate poverty. Speaking to executive director Charles Gimoh, Sheryle Thomas learns more about what they do.

On-screen initiative ...

Here’s a thought: why isn’t there a scheme to have films featuring portrayals of homeless people pay into a fund for homeless charities? Writes Chris Sampson