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June - July 2022 : Practical advice

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Banking basics

Having a bank account can be pretty handy. Our writer takes a look at a scheme run by HSBC for people experiencing homelessness to open a bank account – and also provides some standard tips on bank accounts. By Liat Fainman

Network news

Read a couple of extra answers from the co-founder of Refuge Network UK, Charles Gimoh, our interview guest from last issue. Refuge Network UK tackles poverty in the UK and runs a number of outreach services for people experiencing homelessness. Interview by Sheryle Thomas

Path to prevention

Policy and Participation Manager of the Scottish homeless charity Cyrenians discusses a consultation on possible new homeless prevention legislation in Scotland. By Viki Fox

Vagrancy second act

Earlier this year the government announced it would be repealing the Vagrancy Act. Fast forward a couple of months and the Vagrancy Act will instead be “replaced”. Read an update from Bronagh Sheridan


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Dark to light

In low moments it’s easy to feel like your head is about to go under. But here is a story on staying afloat, keeping the hope, and taking support when it’s offered. By Charlie Radbourne

Down the rabbit hole

Things can get overwhelming on this big rock called Earth, particularly when experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. Our writer sees where systems need improving, and shares tips on how to step back and move forward in life. By Leon Eckford


Access denied by Mat Amp

Drawing on his own experience of homelessness and feeling disconnected to the wider world, deputy editor Mat Amp outlines the need for free, open access to the internet for all

The Homelessness Awards

Join our correspondent for a run-down of some of the contenders at the Homelessness Awards. A satire by Chris Sampson


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Your voice

COMIC by Rosie Roksoph
Writing rhymes by Ant Mac

Written in fluid rhyming couplets, enjoy this by take on the harsh reality facing many on the streets. By Ant Mac