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National soup run conference
Birmingham meeting will bring together runs and users from all over the UK
Shelter reaches out
The Housing Prison Advice Service provides a range of services for offenders and ex-offenders in prisons across the UK
Soup Run Forum
The Forum goes online to coordinate its activities


A John Lewis list
Store‘s list enables the recently resettled to equip their new homes
Anger at homeless agency\'s motivational speaker
Invited businessman tells bemused Look Ahead staff how he made his first million
Beggar wins case in US
Loitering and begging protected under America‘s First Amendment
Cardboard Citizens
The theatre collective are bringing Orwell‘s Down and Out in Paris and London with Jack London‘s People of the Abyss bang up-to-date
Controversial TV: \'Filthy rich and homeless\'
Homeless Link blasts the inaccurate portrayal of homeless facilities on ‘reality TV‘ show
Criminal Record Office checks - update
Readers are asking whether they are checked just because they‘re homeless


A polished organisation
StreetShine‘s doing well. We talked to its director Simon Fenton-Jones
Drug policy revised: hard drugs give rise to hard questions
More needs to be done to tackle drug addiction and homelessness, but service centres and governmental department have yet to come up with an answer
Ten Feet Away Festival
The festival is only weeks away - and open to everyone, homeless or otherwise


What treatment\'s available if you\'re from Eastern Europe?
Many boroughs are reluctant to work with A8 clients because of the political and financial implications of providing them with services


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Criminal Record Office checks and move-ons
Move-ons date back to 1997, if not earlier, according to a reader