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August - September 2022 : Creativity

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News in brief 139 : August-September 2022

Our monthly round-up of what‘s been happening...


Panic writing

At times creativity, like nature, thrives off of necessity. Backed into a corner with a deadline looming, our deputy editor’s creative faculty springs into action. Words by Mat Amp

The joys of food

Get to know FoodCycle, the community meal project providing visitors with a free meal and a friendly environment. By FoodCycle volunteer Emily Macauley Wilcox


The supporting role

As some guy said a while back, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. But it can be difficult figuring out your role. Let the Pavement’s satirist-in-chief guide you in your quest for understanding.
By Chris Sampson


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Your voice

Cartoon by Ken Pyne
Cartoon by Mike Sokoe
Fine Lines

A warm welcome to two first-timers to the Pavement’s poetry page. First off, the residents of a Single Homeless Project hostel workshopped a poem taking in wild, summery scenes. While John Murphy, a regular contributor to Homeless Diamonds, offers an intriguingly droll few lines.

Memory lane

Let yourself be transported to the past, as our writer recalls memories of a cardboard city. The names in this story have been changed. Words by David Wishart 

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Navigating the streets as a young homeless woman in the big smoke. This story contains sensitive content, and the names in the article have been changed. By Rebekah