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July-Aug 2017

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Healthy mouths
Groundswell spoke to over 260 people experiencing homelessness about their dental health. There are problems...


Empty buildings could be used by homeless people
Oxford City Council has agreed to consider opening public buildings to homeless people
Heroin users warned to be vigilant
There are fears that fentanyl is endangering lives in the UK
Homelessness shames Glasgow

We meet campaigner Sean Baillie, who set up the Homelessness Shames Glasgow campaign

More migrant rough sleepers face deportation
The Home Office is threatening to arrest and deport people sleeping on the streets of Edinburgh
News in brief, July 2017
A round-up of recent stories about homelessness from the UK and further afield
Rebuild Grenfell Tower and invest in safe housing
Campaigners want to ensure that no social housing is lost and no more people become homeless as a result of the tragic London fire


Art for life
Photography and theatre can change homeless people's lives
Attack of the ‘zombies’?
Homeless people will continue to be hospitalised from taking legal highs unless the government deals with the chronic shortage of housing


The hidden homeless
When Raynor Winn and her husband found themselves homeless, they set off to live in the wild. They were far from alone.


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