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Jan-Feb 2016

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Advice: self-harm
Our mental health nurse looks at how to address the problem


Bin death warning
The consequences can be tragic, as we've noted over the years
Call to open buildings
Open up empty public buildings to allow homeless people shelter, campaigners demand
Homeless: sanction risk doubles
Sanctions have caused people to become homeless, and made things much worse for people already on the streets
Landlord fine for eviction
Tenant's belongings dumped and locks changed by rogue lanslord
Make coffee for change
Former rough sleepers are being trained as baristas - and paid properly
The Spice ain’t nice
Synthetic cannabis can be highly dangerous and can make homelessness harder to deal with


Prof Green on homelessness
If you can make a short video about being homeless, get in touch...
Surviving homelessness
Carinya Sharples asked some experts – those who had been or were homeless – for their top tips on making it through if you’re homeless in 2016


Body and soul
How do you nourish your soul when you’re homeless, asks Mat Amp, who’s been there and done that
Getting off the streets
If you want to get off the street, you have to get serious, says Christopher Ubsdell
Making move-on work
Homelessness is a state to recover from, not a problem to fix, says Yousif Farah
Surviving the streets
Ian Kalman slept rough for 18 months. Here’s what he learned...


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