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June 2023 – July 2023 : Community

June 2023 – July 2023 : Community READ ONLINE
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Relocation, relocation, relocation

Our legal eagle swoops in with some information on (Un)Personalised Housing Plans and accommodation outside local area. By Jamie McGowan

Sweet sleep

Groundswell staff and peers with experience of homelessness outline the importance of a good night’s sleep


News in Brief 144: June – July 2023
Our bi-monthly round up of what's been happening...
By Bronagh Sheridan


Homeless during Ramadan

From late March to late April, Muslims observed the holy month of Ramadan. Throughout the UK, communities worked together during the month to support homeless people and people experiencing food poverty. By Emdad Rahman

Swept under the rug, part III

The third and final instalment of a bracing, powerful story. Kathy has rebuilt a peaceful, independent life, but a figure from her past forces her to confront the trauma she carries. Themes explored in this story are traumatic and may upset readers. Story by Rosie Healey

The homeless community

What does community mean to you? Whatever it may be, most of us can agree it’s something we all crave and care for


Ace up the sleeve

A recently toured play by Cardboard Citizens shows the power and importance of storytelling. By Sophie Dianne


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Your voice

Change is in the air

Lines on changing seasons and new dawns, featuring newcomer Joseph Kitson, good friend of the Pavement, Chris Bird, and returning poet Ant Mac

Community notes

How should we interpret community? Taking a look at the meaning of the word through a historical, contemporary and social lens. Words by Leon Eckford

Issue 144: Comics
Comics and cartoons from our amazing contributors
The time travel baby

A mind-bending take on the great Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom, and what it could mean for writers and their works. Words by Chris Sampson (or are they?)