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Change is in the air

June 01 2023

Lines on changing seasons and new dawns, featuring newcomer Joseph Kitson, good friend of the Pavement, Chris Bird, and returning poet Ant Mac

by Ant Mac

Anticipating new light,
Like the plumule yearns for spring,
Rising up to view heights,
Find the urge to raise the chin,

A breakthrough from the loose earth,
With all resistance wearing thin,
Resettle on the surface,
No more waiting in the wings,

Daylight shines to ponder,
Awake the sleeping sense within,
The brows rise up in wonder,
With the eyes that take it in,

Across the seats of power,
Believe in you so now begin,
Beyond the darkest hour,
Like the plumule in the spring.

New dawn
by Chris Bird

Parliament should be elected out of duty,
Not to pocket expenses,
Self interest and corruption,
Informs the gaggle of careerists,
Yet poverty and inflation grows.

Across the country,
Street homeless,
In the chill nights,
Deserve better.

Spring flowers,
Spell change,
A people's insurrection,
New dawn born from justice.

Existential cowboy
by Joseph Kitson

Devoid of illusions, condemned to be free.
Choosing agony rather than error,
The existentialist cowboy is armed only with theory,
As he rides off into the dusk,
Which is a symbol both of ignorance and of dyslexia.