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Are you on CHAIN?
To consent or not to consent? The Pavement has learned that when it comes to CHAIN (the Combined Homeless and Information Network), some people are included on this system without their agreement


An anniversary and a departure at ASLAN
The All Souls Local Area Network celebrated 20 years of its tea run as director Chris Peacock stepped down.
Camden – ASBO central?
Will the London Borough of Camden give anti-social behaviour orders to rough sleepers to get rid of them?
Camden street count
London borough is unpleasantly surprised by greater numbers of rough sleepers
Director leaves Simon Community
Charity director will work on a range of homelessness and Church social action projects
Homeless radio
Local homeless volunteers behind Cambridge station‘s magazine-style programme
Jonathan Creek ate my ear
"My name‘s Alan. You know my name - Alan. What‘s my name? It‘s Alan"


Alternative housing: Architecture for Humanity
"The greatest humanitarian challenge we face today is that of providing shelter", claims US-based Architecture for Humanity
SNaP report uncovers hostel provision in England
Resource Information Service and Homeless Link to map homeless services available in England
The interview: Grant Shapps, MP
Mr Shapps is tackling Britain‘s housing problems with the fervour of a geeky teenager. And he is a very keen student


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Sorry, we couldn't find any stories, try broadening your search.

Your voice

Crisis critique
Did rough sleepers get a raw deal at this year‘s Open Christmas?
Hospital discharge
Mother leads two-year battle for justice for her daughter and other homeless people
Vital soup runs - a response
A reader remembers the period of his life when soup runs were a lifeline
What to do if you\'re gay and homeless?
A reader asks how to counter big-city isolation