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Camden – ASBO central?

May 18 2009
Will the London Borough of Camden give anti-social behaviour orders to rough sleepers to get rid of them? Rumours are circulating that the London Borough of Camden might start giving anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) to rough sleepers, in a drastic bid to move them out of the area. There are fears that the move might be a bid to reduce rough sleeper numbers to previous levels; the local council registered as few as six people sleeping rough in the borough at one of its latest officials count.

In July, The Pavement reported that the council's former head of street population services, Tom Preest, had been appointed 'head of anti-social behaviour and street population services'. The job title suggested equating the idea of street activity and anti-social behaviour, but Mr Preest assured The Pavement that ASBOs would not be used to target homeless people.