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February 2023 - March 2023 : New Beginnings

February 2023 - March 2023 : New Beginnings READ ONLINE
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Advice: self-harm
Our mental health nurse looks at how to address the problem
Housing Information - Your Rights
Winter health

Updated guidance and tips from the Groundswell health team on how to stay healthy and look after yourself in the colder months


News in Brief 142: Feb – Mar 2023

Our bi-monthly round-up of what‘s been happening...
By Bronagh Sheridan

Street Scene

Chris Bird’s Street Scene (centre) pictured on display at Sotheby’s.


New beginnings

So far as symbolic, clichéd times of the year go, there’s nothing like the start of a new one to get the mind racing.

New year, new hopes

What’s in a New Year’s resolution? How do we deal with the first day on a new path? Leon Eckford attempts to make sense of it all

Swept under the rug, part I

The first instalment in an absorbing, emotional story. We meet our protagonist as her new life is set to be disrupted by her past. Story by Rosie Healey.

The beautiful game

Our reporter travels to Bosnia to speak to players from the country’s Homeless World Cup team. The tournament offered opportunity and enjoyment for players, writes Emdad Rahman


A tale of two cities

The similarities and differences in homeless policy in New York and London. With a view to what comes next. By Eric Protein Moseley

Carry on farce

The NHS faces cuts as demand grows. There is some hope, but, alas, found almost exclusively in the mind of the Pavement’s resident daft sod, Chris Sampson


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Your voice

Black/white, boy/girl

Drawing parallels to the injustice and prejudice he faced growing up, Mat Amp examines a new wave of hatred targeting a vulnerable group of people

From the heart

Three poems taking in themes including forgiveness, fortitude and solidarity, delivered with searing emotion. Thanks to Chris, Dave and Rosie for contributing

Issue 142: Comics

Comics and cartoons from our amazing contributors