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From the heart

February 01 2023
© Marius Samavicius © Marius Samavicius

Three poems taking in themes including forgiveness, fortitude and solidarity, delivered with searing emotion. Thanks to Chris, Dave and Rosie for contributing

Second glance
by Chris Bird

Do you notice me,
In the food bank queue,
Do you see me on the busy bus,
Heading toward the dole office.

Within the shadows,
The politicians cast casually,
Westminster raised,
An unwanted offspring,
Called poverty.

Do you even give me a,
Second glance?
In the City of London,
Champagne sparkles,
Our pain is real.

by Dave Sohanpal

If I am to be a voice for asylum seekers
Then how should I speak?
Am I to whisper when they are screaming in pain?
Am I to be calm when they tremble in fear?
Am I to shout for mercy, as they are tortured and raped?
Tell me how I need to speak, for you to grant their freedom?
If you are not pure descendant, then you are an immigrant!
How can we be proud to live in a world that condemns people?

The fire
by Rosie Healey

I got burnt but I didn’t sit in the fire,
There was no desire
Going back to the horror
Of my own making.
Something that lured me
Snaking and taking
Piece by piece
To the depths of despair,
a place where morals were no longer there
where lives are taken
bodies shaken
a hopeless mind breaking
left on my knees begging.
But instead of change, deceived in chains,
seducing my veins
Yet nothing palliates the pain
That manifests, in this poisoned brain.
Shark tooth rips
Made my blood drip,
I was prisoner to a friendly relationship
Just degraded to get spoon fed
No dignity left, as the devil progressed
Bringing back memories I long to forget.
It was time to confess,
I was back on my knees
Only this time praying
To something I didn’t even believe in.
I knocked on heaven’s door, but no one was there
I had to self-sooth
With the illusion of words that just about got me through,
It was time to sit with me.
Apparently it’s the sole way to be free
Finding balance on a thin wire
I started to aim higher
I got burnt, but I didn’t sit in the fire.