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An anniversary and a departure at ASLAN

May 18 2009
ASLAN's famed tea run ASLAN's famed tea run
The All Souls Local Area Network celebrated 20 years of its tea run as director Chris Peacock stepped down. ASLAN (the All Souls Local Area Network) celebrated 20 years of its tea run in January, at the same time as director Chris Peacock stepped down. The organisation has been providing the tea run for 20 years, and for the 15 years been led by Mr Peacock, who has now been replaced by Tim Aldeburgh. Always outspoken where many organisations would have been too cautious of upsetting political backers or funders to say anything, Mr Peacock will be missed by many. He told The Pavement: "I am sure I will keep in touch, as I continue to feel passionately about homelessness in London and the needs of both the street homeless and the 'hidden homeless' whose treatment is a disgrace to our nation."