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Camden street count

May 18 2009
London borough is unpleasantly surprised by greater numbers of rough sleepers Street Services in the London Borough of Camden carried out a count in the first week of December to gather data for the internal use of its staff, and found 19 people sleeping rough on the streets of the borough. The council was unpleasantly surprised by the findings, as they highlighted an in increase in the number of rough sleepers in the borough. A spokesperson for the council said: "Although the number is still below government targets, it is higher than would be expected. There is concern as to the reasons for the increase, but the council's outreach staff keeps working to help people off the streets and into its support services." The street count was of a 'preliminary' nature, and it is believed people sleeping in car parks were not included. The figures from Camden revealed the number of people sleeping on the streets of London and the UK may be on the rise, despite the government's effort to tackle homelessness. Another major London council, Westminster, admitted deep disappointment with the findings of its own street count in September, which found 105 people living on the streets, plus 15 'A10s' (nationals of the 10 EU Accession States).