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June 01 2022

Read a couple of extra answers from the co-founder of Refuge Network UK, Charles Gimoh, our interview guest from last issue. Refuge Network UK tackles poverty in the UK and runs a number of outreach services for people experiencing homelessness. Interview by Sheryle Thomas

ST: Does Refuge Network UK run soup kitchens?

Charles Gimoh (CG): We are primarily an economic and social rights nonprofit working to combat different manifestations of poverty, including homelessness and hunger. Our food programme is one strand of our poverty alleviation and community support work, which is both local and international. It was after seeing the precarious condition of homeless people, rough sleepers, refugees and disadvantaged members of the community during the pandemic lockdown in 2020, that we decided to develop a longterm support programme to help out. Our UK feeding initiative has rapidly evolved into what it is today as a direct response to the hunger, suffering and deprivation occasioned by the Covid-19 situation. 

ST: Your website says you also provide advice to rough sleepers?

CG: Information dissemination is a key component of our work. When you inform people, you empower them to make informed decisions capable of improving and ultimately transforming their lives. We aim to improve access to food, health, work, and housing through the information and advice we provide. In addition to our informative rightscentred research papers, some of which are available online, we also signpost rough sleepers to various services. Recently we started handing out leaflets as part of our advisory support initiative.

  • Find out more about Refuge Network UK on the Refuge Network International website:
  • Refuge Network UK operates a street kitchen service in central London. It runs from 1pm every Saturday outside the Zimbabwean embassy on Agar Street
  • Streets Kitchen also provides food outreach in numerous London locations. See the List for times and locations of Streets Kitchen and other food outreach services