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Writing rhymes by Ant Mac

June 01 2022

Written in fluid rhyming couplets, enjoy this by take on the harsh reality facing many on the streets. By Ant Mac

Stories of the street
by Ant Mac

In concrete slumber a bed was made,
The cardboard sheet that turned a page,
A corner stand to hide or sit,
The bend in roads were dimly lit.

Newspaper stained with blood, tears or wine,
Help comfort fears and pass the time,
Torn plastic bags dare to stop the rain,
The cold night pressed to fight again.

And fight in vain to stem the flow,
As voices drift to faint echoes,
To take control when souls are weak,
A shadowed past that’s hard to speak.

The faded coat that hides the bruise,
The sock-less feet that wear old shoes,
The loose worn hat that barely fits,
I push the pen and bite my lip.

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