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Catherine works in digital communications within the not-for-profit sector, with skills in copywriting, websites, social media and email marketing. She is also a part-time freelance writer and volunteer for local charities. Her personal interests include creating webcomics and creative writing.

Stop street deaths
Catherine Heath February 01 2017

Urgent action is needed to stop homeless people dying on the streets in winter, say leading charities and campaigners

Urgent action is needed to stop homeless people dying on the streets during winter, according to leading charities and campaigne...

Stop the scandal
Catherine Heath December 06 2016

Homeless people with mental health problems often fall between the gaps...

St Mungo’s released the second phase of their Stop the Scandal campaign this week. It forms part of their investigation in...

Empty homes shock Londoners
Catherine Heath March 14 2016

Thousands of homes are empty, despite a growing homelessness crisis, according to a Freedom of Information request

Thousands of homes in London have been left unoccupied for years, despite a chronic housing shortage and a growing homelessness ...

Singer Ellie speaks out
Catherine Heath November 01 2015

The pop singer has spoken out in defence of homeless people - and she's not the only one...

Pop singer Ellie Goulding has spoken out in defence of homeless people and asked to meet Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn about...

Stop and search targeted
Catherine Heath September 09 2015

Police will have to be more open under new government plans.

Police across the UK will have to be more open about who they stop and search under new government plans. Forty police forces w...

Housing benefit to be cut
Catherine Heath July 05 2015

Youth homeless charities are fighting proposed cuts to Housing Benefit for 18–21-year-olds

Youth homeless charities including St Mungo’s Broadway, Centrepoint and Crisis are fighting against proposed legislation t...

Upfront: Taking a stand
Catherine Heath May 04 2015

A high-profile campaign aims to tackle the health inequality faced by homeless people

A campaign by a leading homeless charity has called for people to take a stand and demand action on the poor healthcare offered ...