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Flo is a medical professional working in homelessness.

Needlestick injuries, part 2
Flo May 25 2009

What to do if you are ‘stuck‘ by a needle

Last month in these pages I covered the prevention of needlestick injuries by being vigilant. This month I look at what to do if...

Needlestick injuries, part 1
Flo May 24 2009

How to prevent needle injuries

Needlestick injuries are when your skin is punctured by a needle, either as a user around other people injecting or just coming ...

Trench foot and getting a GP
Flo May 22 2009

There is little worse than sore feet, particularly when you spend hours daily walking the streets of London...

Dear Flo, I have wet, white skin on the bottom of my feet. When I walk it is really sore. They smell bad and it seems to be ge...

What to look out for with TB
Flo May 21 2009

A Rough Guide to Coughs and other symptoms

Since this issue is focusing on TB, I thought I'd get my oar in about one of the key TB symptoms which leads to people pitching ...

Feeling a bit rough? Have you tried NHS Direct?
Flo May 21 2009

It‘s 24-hour, non-judgmental, confidential, and useful if you are not so keen on having someone access your medical records

I only recently learned about the National Syndromic Surveillance System; software that examines all the subjects of calls logge...

Knowing your limits
Flo May 21 2009

The Department of Health launches a £6m public health campaign about alcohol

The Department of Health is currently launching a £6m campaign about alcohol: 'Know your Limits'. The idea is that most peopl...

Hepatitis C
Flo May 18 2009

Campaign launched to combat common virus that 80 per cent of sufferers don‘t know they have

As promised, we're covering Hepatitis C this month, because a new NHS campaign is presently under way to increase awareness of t...