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Surf\'s up!
Bez September 25 2009

‘Sofa surfing‘ gets a makeover and becomes the ‘couch surfing‘ movement

"Sofa surfing" is a modern social definition to describe those who live by bedding down on friend's floors or furniture, but now...

Where\'s Nobby?
Bez September 25 2009

After a decade in his faithful bus shelter, Peterborough‘s best known rough sleeper has moved on...

This could be the last time we report on the adventures of 'Nobby the Tramp,' mainly because Nobby's not homeless any more. T...

Cafe Arlington: more than tea and sympathy?
Bez July 10 2009

The first of four planned coffee shops offers rough sleepers a route back to work

There's no shortage of coffee houses in Soho, but a new addition serves more than fancy moccacinos. Café Arlington is...

Sleeping (Less) Rough
Bez May 22 2009

With a surname like Goodfellow is it any wonder that this nice chap started his design career with a foldaway bed aimed at rough sleepers?

Some say Tom Goodfellow scored an own goal in design terms, but with a surname like Goodfellow is it any wonder that this nice c...

The saga of Nobby the Tramp
Bez May 22 2009

A tale of bus shelters, hooliganism and double glazing

Stories about Nobby, a rough sleeper in Peterborough, Lincolnshire, have gripped readers of the Peterborough Herald & Post, and ...

Waterloo Christian Centre under pressure
Bez May 22 2009

Webber Street cannot yet fill the gap left by NLDC in terms of either staffing levels or funding

With the closure of the North Lambeth Day Centre (NLDC) in November last year, the pressure on services at Webber Street has inc...

Car blog
Bez May 21 2009

Homeless blogging celebrity now Anya Peters has a book deal

Nobody knew her real name, let alone what she looked like, but Wandering Scribe has a network of friends all over the globe and ...

Two Steps to bridging the gap
Bez May 21 2009

Project offers a ‘stopover‘ for people returning to long-term accommodation

Two Steps is an innovative housing programme set up by Hope, a charity that works with socially excluded people in the UK and ov...

Royalty shocked
Bez May 21 2009

Price Charles pledges his support homeless ex-servicemen after a recent tour of London hostels

Project Compass, a charity dedicated to helping ex-forces homeless people find jobs, is a unique partnership between the Ministr...

Off the streets and into work
Bez May 21 2009

Business in the Community calls on businesses to support employment schemes and help beat homelessness

It seems that there has never been a greater drive to help the homeless across the country return to full time employment. No...