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May 21 2009
Homeless blogging celebrity now Anya Peters has a book deal Nobody knew her real name, let alone what she looked like, but Wandering Scribe has a network of friends all over the globe and a lucrative book deal in the pipeline. Her journey to celebrity is an epic one: now, on the right side of a psychological breakdown, she signs the lease to a one-bedroom flat and her first book deal all in the same week. Yet in mid-May she was still living alone in a car at the edge of the woods, jobless and homeless. Last summer she was fired from her job, struggled to pay rent and a previous relationship ended all in quick succession. Her car became her home, her protection from the cold and a bed. Using her benefits to pay for petrol she would drive into London, and between sneaking around hospitals to wash and iron her clothes she would treat herself to an hour in an internet cafe. Unnoticed, the Wandering Scribe added to the cyber-pages of her blog (online journal). Here, safe in her anonymity, she would tell the vulnerable (and frequently morose) tale of her journey back from rock bottom. In unveiling her innermost thoughts she captured the hearts of her readers, curious journalists and perhaps more importantly, an empathetic book publisher. One year on, this 'nobody' turned world famous 'blogger' has had nearly two million visitors to her website, and several interviews with media giants (BBC, New York Times and Le Monde.) She witnessed frenzied bidding between publishers, eventually won by Harper Collins. But perhaps the biggest revelation: an identity. Anya Peters finally told the world her name. Recent blog entries are lighter and sweeter in tone, with a sprinkling of disbelief and, as always, are thoughtfully put together. She last posted (at time of going to press) on 26 June: "My room here is a good size and bright and airy..."