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Where\'s Nobby?

September 25 2009
After a decade in his faithful bus shelter, Peterborough‘s best known rough sleeper has moved on... This could be the last time we report on the adventures of 'Nobby the Tramp,' mainly because Nobby's not homeless any more. The celebrated rough sleeper closed the patio door of his faithful bus shelter in Peterborough, Cambs, and turned the key in the door of his new, fully-furnished flat earlier this year. After over 10 years of living in his quirky residence in Oundle Road, Peterborough, the Scotsman (real name Michael Ross) rose to celebrity status in the town. During the time he spent at his draughty dwelling, Nobby had become the muse for a local artist and the subject of makeovers by high street stylists. A Peterborough weekly newspaper even sponsored him to enter the North West Irish Open golf tournament. However, towards the end of 2005, things turned sinister. This colourful character had been receiving treatment for thrombosis at a local hospital, unaware that his makeshift home was being turned over by local vandals. In early February, it all got a bit too much for Nobby. He expressed his desire to move into a property that he could call home, this despite a local glazing firm fitting doubleglazed patio door to his shelter to add warmth and security. The move went smoothly and Nobby's friends now plead for his personal space: "We would be grateful if everyone accords him the same level of privacy that any other individual would expect." So there's a full double-glazed bus shelter going begging in Peterborough. But you didn't hear it from this paper.