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 Currently living in Paisley, Sean is a politics graduate with press office and research experience, working for a Member of the Scottish Parliament and a housing charity.

Trial of Marble Arch murderer
Sean Lafferty April 11 2013

Killer had been hearing voices and trying to visit the queen

  The Old Bailey has heard how a man killed a Scottish homeless person and later turned up at Buckingham Palace demanding ...

The future of street papers
Sean Lafferty March 20 2013

Big Issue UK sales have fallen by 100,000 in less than a decade, so what‘s next?

  The Big Issue’s UK sales have gone down by 100,000 in less than a decade, putting pressure on the magazine’s...

2012 - the year of the right to permanent accommodation in Scotland?
Sean Lafferty July 25 2012

It was always an ambitous aim, but is it achievable?

  In 2003, the Scottish Parliament, like its counterpart at Westminster, set the then Executive the ambitious target of en...

Homeless Leith man fails to become councillor
Sean Lafferty June 15 2012

Irvine McMinn wants to highlight issues affecting people in his position

  Irvine McMinn, a candidate at the 2012 local authority elections, attempted to become the country’s first homeless...

Rough sleeper bids to become Edinburgh councillor
Sean Lafferty May 10 2012

Irvine McMinn’s ‘Beggar’s Manifesto’ promises tax reforms and a relaxation of red tape for small businesses

  A rough sleeper with experience of homelessness spanning four decades is making a bid to become Scotland’s first h...

Homeless drop “not credible”
Sean Lafferty May 10 2012

Director of Shelter Scotland says unemployment figures and benefit cuts make figures virtually impossible

  The director of a major homeless charity believes that a 20 per cent drop in homelessness across Scotland, reported by t...

Increase in council homes recorded...
Sean Lafferty April 09 2012

...but it’s still a bad year for building, with new-build completions down 12 per cent on previous year

  The Scottish Government has announced an increase in the number of council homes in Scotland, with Housing Minister Keit...

Drug users warned as new HIV cases come to light
Sean Lafferty March 06 2012

HIV and drug advice organisations issue safety advice after a recent spike in numbers 

  Drug users who inject are being warned by health chiefs to be extra cautious after six new HIV cases were diagnosed in G...

Pets need homes too, urges charity
Sean Lafferty February 10 2012

People should not have to choose between somewhere to sleep and their much-loved animal companions

  An animal welfare charity is calling for more pet-friendly homeless services, so that people are not forced to make the ...

Begging ban proposed for Scotland’s streets
Sean Lafferty December 09 2011

Scottish charities are sceptical about former Conservative candidate’s idea

  Radical plans that could see on-the-spot fines given to members of the public who offer spare change to homeless people,...