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Ask Us: How to reset that low mood feeling?
Staff March 01 2019

Answers from The Pavement Magazine Facebook page

Answers from The Pavement Magazine Facebook pageJohnny: Art is great...Jill: Avoid isolating yourself too much, or for too long....

Remembering our dead
Staff November 09 2018

The names of 171 homeless men and women were read out at the annual celebration of the homeless people who died on our streets over the year.

The annual service of commemoration at St Martin's in the Field on 8 November 2018 featured the names of the 171 homeless men an...

Reader feedback
Staff September 05 2018

How useful is our little mag?

How useful is our little mag? “Reading the Pavement 115. Sad reading. Shocking about the deaths. Well written though.&rdq...

Should I tell doctors I'm homeless?
Staff September 05 2018

Answers from readers via our Facebook page.

Q: Should I tell doctors I'm homeless? Answers from our Facebook page Denise: Tell everything you feel comfortable disclosi...

Lived with it all
Staff September 05 2018

A poem by McGinlay

Lived with it all by McGinlay Stoners, drinkers, ravers, junkies Jokers, jesters, cheeky monkeys The good the bad & th...

News in brief, July–August 2018
Jake Cudsi July 24 2018

All the news that fits - from stinking hostels and rocketing numbers of under-25s on the streets to our peer journalists' festival talk

Everybody in Ten years. That’s how long Crisis estimates it could take to end homelessness in their new plan, Everybody i...

Our Instagram page
Staff July 24 2018

Seeing things differently

Mat Amp is running our new Instagram page @pavement_magazine: “It was being homeless that got me into photography, becaus...

How I feel about photography
Staff July 24 2018

Photographer Lewis explains why he takes photos

They say that art feeds the soul. I think this is only true if the artist also manages to reveal their own soul to whoever is lo...

One brick at a time
Staff May 15 2018

Making good even when things look bleak

In April, our From The Ground Up peer reporters graduated. Over the past six months they’ve regularly met, worked hard at ...

Ask us: Problem solved
Staff May 15 2018

Answers from our readers

Q. I can't stand the rain! Russian Man: Often smaller charities working on the homelessness crisis, tend to be helpful in suppl...