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Lived with it all

September 05 2018
A poem by McGinlay

Lived with it all

by McGinlay

Stoners, drinkers, ravers, junkies
Jokers, jesters, cheeky monkeys
The good the bad & the sexies
Lost the phone, no more selfies
Memories bad, but it's what I recall
God give me strength, I lived with it all!

Loved by the youth in foster care
If you knew their past, would you care?
They need a hug not a judging stare
How do I know?
Cos I was there, banging head against the wall
How on earth did I live with it all?

Om Shanti tribes, peace & love hippies
Cockney sparrows down the chippie
Fit Rude gals getting lippy
Electric's gone, it's bloody nippy
Can't get a flat at town hall
Make us a cuppa, I lived with it all!

Jesus Army Street preachers
Energy vampires, nose bleeders
Lame Egotist wannabe leaders
Tree huggers chatting to cedars
Urban creatures having a ball
Did I really live with it all?

Chavs getting fresh with posh librarians
Clothes donated by humanitarians
Meat eaters fighting with vegetarians
Big up to my fellow Sagittarians
Super model 6ft tall
She'll tell you; I lived with it all!
Big kids munching Maltesers

Arse kissing people pleasers
Weird dodgy twitchy sneezers
Dirty Flirty London geezers
I'm still standing & standing tall
Keep calm & you try to live with it all!

Squatters living harder & faster
Pig lover Cameron, can you hear their laughter
It's your Babylon they're coming after
Who? The punks, the trannies & Rastas
Forget ghost busters, who ya gonna call?
This is our London & we're taking it all!

Calling all poets

McGinlay joined the Pavement/Groundswell’s From The Ground Up journalism course in 2018 although this fab poem was written in 2015. If your homelessness situation has inspired you to write, we’d like to see it. Please email Thank you.