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Ask us: Problem solved

May 15 2018
Whistler shows how he stores bedding and spare clothes in a grit bin. © Rachael Kiddey Whistler shows how he stores bedding and spare clothes in a grit bin. © Rachael Kiddey
Answers from our readers

Q. I can't stand the rain!

Russian Man: Often smaller charities working on the homelessness crisis, tend to be helpful in supplying provisions, including waterproof materials for homeless people. Also try wrapping your things in plastic bags. Use heavy, weather-proof clothing.

Tobias Moore (from his Guide for the Homeless) suggests drying out shoes at the launderette. Read the full guide here:


Q. Where can I store my sleeping bag?

Russian Man: Sleeping bags should be carried around militantly (rolled up very tightly and carried in a rucksack on the back, or put across the lower back, chest or lower chest). If you want storage, then this will rely on how good you are at relationships. Try asking people who work and volunteer for charities, and organizations, in the 'homeless sector'. Some small businesses (e.g., cafés) might be interested in supporting you and also have free storage space in the daytime.


Q. Phone advice, please

Russian Man: Get very cheap phones from all mobile phone outlets. Public libraries, some supportive members of the public and businesses, might let you charge phones. Day centres and static soup kitchens, or community-based set ups are ideal. See Services.

Kevin: I have a solar powered charger, that charges by device and sunlight! I picked it up for £5 in an ALD Life charity shop, where I get everything I own almost. Very handy when you're unemployed and homeless... I think it's called 'up-cycling'. One cause supports another.

Rosie: If your pet is being treated by Streetvet (in London, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Plymouth), they’ll lend you a phone, so you can get advice on treatment and follow-up.