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Dying rough sleeper found alive and well...

July 03 2010
...despite a lack of interest from the UK‘s press

A missing rough sleeper who was thought to have only 24 hours left to live has been found alive and well, despite a lack of interest from the UK's press.

Phu Chan Luong, 46, was the centre of local and national media attention when the Metropolitan Police reported that he was at death's door unless he checked into the London specialist medical unit from which he'd gone missing last month.

Mr Chan Luong, who often slept in Covent Garden in central London, attended hospital to receive renal dialysis for kidney failure but discharged himself on 27 May.

A police spokesperson told the BBC: "This is a particularly sad case, as if we do not find him within 24 hours, he may die." But although he was found the next day, coverage was limited. The news was quietly announced by the Westminster Chronicle newspaper, who were informed by the police.