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Good soup guide: No. 5 - SW London Vineyard

May 18 2009
Pete Sunderland, Lars Lis and Chris McTernan working on their stews Pete Sunderland, Lars Lis and Chris McTernan working on their stews
The King‘s Table is a right royal treat for homeless fans of hearty stews The South West London Vineyard is another of London's church-based soup runs, but regardless of your religious convictions you'll find their stew a blessing. Started in 1990 this church have being preparing and distributing hot food and drink to their "neighbours" (their words) who are homeless in Central London ever since. Running with two teams, one cooking and one delivering, they come out every Sunday with five hay-boxes of food. The run itself is called The King's Table, and the food's a right royal treat. Ian McLean, who manages the run with his wife Christine, told The Pavement that they have some regular foods, such as potatoes, but rotate recipes for the stews for which they are famous. There are 10 separate meals in all, every one of them a stew variant. The delicious stews, mostly mince-based, are a hit with all their diners, but we, as a gourmet guide, specially recommend the 'Atlas Mountain Stew.' But it's not all stew and potatoes, although you'll find that enough; bread is provided, as well as fresh fruit and biscuits, all washed down with hot tea or coffee. And, for those who will not partake of the flesh of animals, they always have a vegetarian option. No serious food critic would fail to look at the chefs responsible for the food, and The King's Table were quick to oblige with a view of the kitchens. Pictured above are Pete Sunderland, Lars Lis and Chris McTernan working on the stews on a Sunday morning. With a cold winter upon us, hot stew takes on a new aspect, but this run thoroughly deserves its three slabs, whatever the weather. Rating: 3 out of 5