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Churches charity urges government to meet housing targets

November 01 2010
Government may not meet targets unless it increases its efforts

Scottish Churches Housing Action has warned that the government may not meet its homelessness targets unless it increases its efforts. In 2003, the Scottish Government committed to providing available housing for all homeless people by 2012. However, the recent recession and public spending cuts have cast doubt on whether this can be achieved.

Alastair Cameron, the chief executive of Scottish Churches Housing Action, said: "Scotland hasn't been building enough new affordable homes to meet the target, and the current spending cuts mean that councils won't be able to maintain the support arrangements that are vital.

"Central and local government and the voluntary sector all have roles to play in reaching this ambitious and historic target."

The concerns have been outlined in a letter to First Minister Alex Salmond and call upon the government to take a "strong lead" on homelessness. Recent figures showed that 21 of Scotland's 32 local authorities are on track to meet the target, but a great deal more work is required to meet the 2012 deadline.