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Another bin death

May 18 2009
Irish man crushed when a bin he was sleeping in was loaded onto a refuse truck A rough sleeper was crushed to death when a bin he was sleeping in was loaded on to a refuse collection truck. The 36-year-old man, who had been living rough in Ireland for several years, was found on 19 September by workers at the Mr Binman facility in Grange, Co Limerick. A postmortem confirmed the man was still alive when the bin was moved, and there was no evidence to suggest he had been the victim of an assault before getting into it. State pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy, who carried out the postmortem, found that the man's death was caused by severe crush injuries caused accidentally when the bin was loaded on to a truck. It is believed he took refuge in the bin on Sunday night when temperatures dropped and that he was sleeping as it was loaded on to the truck. Superintendent Frank O'Brien said: "There is no evidence to suggest at this stage that he suffered any trauma to his head or was involved in any type of violent incident. "We are reasonably happy that we know this man's identity and we have contacted our colleagues in Britain to help us contact his family." It is understood the man arrived in Limerick at the weekend, having previously been sleeping rough in Cork.