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Charity profits from unwanted Xmas gifts

February 10 2011
Centrepoint takes advantage of bBay‘s charity scheme

Twenty million eBay users in the United Kingdom have been given the opportunity to support Centrepoint while they shop. The charity works to give direction to homeless youths, and has teamed up with eBay to give supporters the opportunity to donate some profits from the sale of their unwanted Christmas presents. eBay launched eBay For Charities through its charity partner MissionFish in 2006 and has so far raised over £22 million.

Individuals can donate up to 100 per cent of the money raised, although most donations are 10-15 per cent of the sale price. It's a simple and instant way to donate and thanks to huge national coverage, the campaign had raised over £5,000 by mid-January this year.

So far, eBay sellers supporting the campaign have listed a staggering range of items, including a beermat collection and a piano. Although the scheme is aimed at unwanted Christmas gifts, sellers can list practically anything. Over 150 items are currently listed, from brand new boxer shorts to second-hand cars.

Centrepoint is a well established service in the homelessness network and will be entering its 42nd year in 2011. Yet, by way of the exposure gained from this new initiative, the charity hopes to reach a new audience. As well as monetary donations, there are hopes that Centerpoint's wider recognition will win them another 500 volunteers by this time next year.

Next year they hope to launch the campaign again, with an earlier start and, hopefully, even more success.