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Homeless men paid for beatings

May 12 2011
Owner says the men will do anything for money

There is an increasing number of reports in the American press about homeless men accepting money from websites that show semi-clad women brutally striking men.

The rough sleepers are reportedly paid $50 for their pains. People who watch the videos online pay up to $900 for the perverse footage.

Californian newspaper the St Petersburg Times reports that one rough sleeper, George Grayson “followed the recruiters to a St Petersburg townhouse on seven different occasions over the last few months, he said, and let five different women use his body and face as a punching bag.”

They interviewed a local advocate, who claim he has interviewed and photographs several men with similar stories and injuries.

The website,, shows films of around 12 minutes long of sustained and continued beatings of men by women. Owner Jeff Williams defends the beatings as consensual and is quoted as saying: “These men are crack addicts and will say anything for money.”

Since the beatings were reported, the St Petersburg Times said a law firm has offered to file a suit on behalf of the men against the website and the women taking part in the films.