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Housing Benefit change threatens vulnerable

June 08 2011
Rise in youth homelessness and rough sleeping expected


There is to be a deduction of £17.31 from housing benefit for some 25-34-year-olds in Lanarkshire. The deduction follows cuts that are predicted to reduce the Governments’ housing bill by £2.4 billion.

All 25-34-year-olds will receive the previously reduced rate for those in shared accommodation, with the associated cheaper living costs, regardless of whether they share accommodation.

The East Kilbride Citizens Advice Bureau has spoken out strongly, saying the deductions will harm those who are already financially vulnerable. The CAB has voiced concerns at the hypocrisy of entitlement changing overnight and the disruption to peoples lives created by the reduction in support.

It is estimated that a lack of affordable, available housing will lead to an increase in homelessness and rough sleeping for this age bracket. Shelter Scotland expects a rise in demand for their support. Landlords’ confidence in those on benefits is likely to be negatively affected, affecting the accessibility of private rented accommodation. Doubtless the financial pressure on those already with limited financial resources will increase with £69.24 less in their pockets each month.

The reaction of CAB East Kilbride is in line with the Resolution Foundation’s economist, Gavin Kelly, who worries that the needs of 11 million low-to-middle earners (£12,000-£30,000 per couple without children) in Britain are not being understood or addressed by politicians.