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Men caught napping in coffins

October 06 2011
 ...and staff at the the local (free) shelter are confused


Two homeless men were found sleeping in a funeral home in Bristol, in the US state of Tennessee, last week.

According to, surprised staff at the Weaver Funeral Home discovered the two men curled up inside caskets. The Bristol police department said the pair had broken the lock to the home’s warehouse door and curled up for a snooze.

“I asked them a few questions about what they were doing, what had done the damage,” an employee told “They didn’t have a whole lot of response, so I was going to go ahead and call the police.”

Mike Carlson, a Bristol police officer said one of the men, Barrett Lance Hartsock, had been caught and would be charged for burglary and vandalism.

Meanwhile the local homeless shelter was confused by the men’s choice of accommodation. “That’s why we’re here,” said The Haven of Rest Shelter Director Wayne Sheridan. “Part of the reason is to help them come to a place like this, rather than to sleep in places they shouldn’t.” He added that he didn’t understand why the men wouldn’t have chosen to come back to the free shelter, particularly as Hartsock was a frequent resident.

The funeral home reported that three coffins had been damaged beyond repair, which would cost the company nearly US$9,000.