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It beggars belief

November 07 2011
US man mugged in astonishing circumstances


A man and a woman in the USA have been charged with robbery after pulling a gun on a homeless man - moments after giving him $5. Meghan Fleming, 26, and Timothy Fleming, 19, both appeared in court at the beginning of October after the incident in the car park of a popular chain of pet shops.

The court in Salem, Oregon, heard that Meghan Fleming was leaving the branch of PetSmart when she was approached by a homeless man who asked her for money. She gave him a five dollar note before returning to her car and apparently changing her mind. “She felt like she’d been scammed, so she went to get her money back,” said police officer Steve Birr.

According to police, Fleming drove up to the man and pulled out a gun - later revealed to be a BB pellet gun - demanding that he return the money. Timothy Fleming is also accused of being involved in the altercation, with police sources saying that he was annoyed that the homeless man “had been getting a lot of money from passers-by.”

The homeless man, who is not named in police reports, did not want to press charges, but the local district attorney’s office is pursuing the case. Both Meghan and Timothy Fleming are being held on charges of robbery, with the case due to be heard on 7 November.