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Birmingham man charged with homeless murder

February 10 2012
 Unprovoked and ferocious attack lead to fatal head injuries 


A 35-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a homeless man following a vicious attack at a Birmingham bus stop. Richard Williams suffered fatal head injuries in the assault, which took place near the junction of Barford Road and Dudley Road, Winson Green, at midnight on 30 December. Paramedics battled to save Mr Williams’s life, but he later died in hospital.

Deputy Inspector Wayne Jones described the incident as “unprovoked and extremely ferocious”, adding: “I can’t see any reason why Richard was attacked, none at all. He was sat in the bus stop, possibly asleep, minding his own business. It could have been any one of us waiting in that bus stop.”

Russian Grigory Razgoniaev, of no fixed abode, is currently standing trial at Birmingham Crown Court. Mr Williams became known to a number of homeless hostels in the city after developing an addiction to alcohol.

The murdered man’s sister, Elaine Shipway, said: “He was a quiet, gentle man when he was not drinking, and had never hurt anyone physically in his entire life even when he was drinking.

“He was well-known and had friends in the area when he was homeless. He didn’t deserve to have his life ended in this violent way.”