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Another chance for man with the golden voice

March 06 2012
Former rough sleeper is living in a Brooklyn condo with his girlfriend - and the work is flooding in


This time last year, The Pavement introduced you to Ted Williams (Golden voice of NBA), the homeless man with the so-called “golden voice”. Williams’ life had started to spiral downwards when his alcohol addiction cost him his career in radio, but a chance encounter with an Ohio journalist propelled Williams to fame and allowed him to turn his life around.

Offers for voice-over work flooded in and, with after accepting several high profile gigs, Williams looked set to turn his life around completely.

However, almost as quickly as it had arrived, Williams’ good luck ran out. The stress of his new-found fame caused Williams to turn to drink, after fighting to remain sober for years. As Williams spiralled back in alcoholism, the job offers started to dry up.

However, in this remarkable tale of knockbacks and comebacks, less than a year after his life imploded, Williams has fought his way back to sobriety, and back onto the airwaves. After two trips to rehab, Williams has been given another chance to salvage his career. Last month, Williams’ rich, gravelly voice could be heard on American TV on a Kraft mac-and-cheese advertisement. In a Valentine’s Day campaign for the brand, Williams also recorded personalised videos for customers who tweeted in their love messages.

Williams is making the most of his second second-chance. The former rough sleeper is now living in a Brooklyn condo with his girlfriend and a sober-living coach. The man with the “golden voice” is back on top and living proof that it’s never too late to turn things around.