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Cash seized from criminals used to help Scottish homeless

April 09 2012
Confiscated cash will keep homeless charity afloat


Homeless charity Borderline, which supports hundreds of Scottish people living in London, feared closure last month after it faced losing funding from the Scottish government in 2012/13.

However, in a turnaround, the Scottish government has now pledged £50,000 a year to the charity. The funding will rely on cash confiscated from gangsters and fraudsters as part of crime legislation. The funding will be reviewed in 2015 and holds the condition that the Church of Scotland makes an equal contribution through fundraising.

The charity, which had already seen its grant reduced from £107,000 in 2008/09 to £24,500 in the current financial year, gained support from the first minister and the moderator of the Church of Scotland, Right Reverend David Arnott.

Borderline chief executive, Willie Docherty, said: “There is a great need for support for vulnerable homeless Scots in London and had we not received this grant, it is highly likely that the Borderline would have closed its doors in months.

“Recognition by the Scottish government that there is a need for this kind of support in London and re-instating our funding is very welcome, however, this is only a stepping stone as we still require to enlist the support of more Scots generally, and here in London in particular, to ensure the long term future of our service to homeless Scots in London.”