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World Cup update

November 03 2012
This fight is <em>already</em> underway in Mexico City...

UK fans may be hoping that a British team makes it to Brazil in 2014, but the fight for another World Cup is already underway in Mexico City.

A total of 62 teams entered this year’s Homeless World Cup, gathering in Mexico City for nine days of football. England, Scotland, and Wales were all represented at this year’s tournament. England was the only UK nation to field a women’s team as well as a men’s team in a small but growing category.

Mel Young, founder of the Homeless World Cup, said: “It is possible to change the world and improve people’s lives by taking small steps forward and inspiring each other, and the Homeless World Cup is one of these small steps in the bid to end homelessness and poverty forever.”

The event has grown from 18 teams in its first year (2003) to more than 60 now, but Britain’s teams left eager for the challenge at the start of the month.

England’s women faced a difficult start when they came up against world champions Brazil, losing 1-15 on the opening day, while then men’s team suffered a narrow defeat against Russia, losing 2-3. But Scotland matched Lithuania goal for goal, finishing 5-all in their first match, while Wales beat Denmark 6-5.

England went on to beat France 7-1 on day three, while Scotland had their chance to shine in a 6-3 victory against Peru. Wales, meanwhile, celebrated an 8-4 victory against Hong Kong.

Sadly, this year’s World Cup saw no UK teams reach the quarter-finals, with tournament coming down to a thrilling final between host nation Mexico and surprise stars Chile. Mexico may have been firm favourites, but Chile stole the show with an impressive display, winning 8-5. However, the host nation enjoyed victory in the Women’s Cup, beating Brazil 6-2.